04 October 2023

About Me

I'm currently 40 years old, from Argentina. I've recently begun my career as a Front End Web Developer after working 14 years in the Digital Marketing industry. No terrible regrets about it, just needed a change.

Currently on a process to rediscover my curiosity and abilities as a developer. Currently learning React, Redux, Node and pretty much everything I can get my hands on and what very limited time affords me.

I must confess I have been suffering from some form of Impostor Syndrome symptoms lately, but fair and square, from what I've heard, everyone suffers from it at some point. I just wish it doesn't materialise as true in my case.

Items of expertice? I'm quite good at HTML, some PHP, CSS/ CSS3, some CMS's (Drupal, Wordpress) that I've worked with, and lately, React and Gatsby :)

Have some project I can help you with? Need advisory on making a solid argentinian barbecue? Could use my help on your projects? Wish to buy me a beer, a coffee or some chill pills? Get in touch with me!

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