17 October 2023



Macbook Pro

Still hanging on to my Early-2015 Macbook Pro. It's got 8gb ram, i5 processor and 256gb disk space. It's possibly not the most powerful tool in the market nowadays, still it is powerful enough and the MacOS interface still rocks.

Also, it's one of the last Macbook pro models to have independent parts (RAM memory, hard disk, etc etc) instead of parts soldered to the Logic Board. And in a country such as Argentina where there is no official Mac support, being able to replace parts is always good.



VS Code has been in the recent past been a go-to tool for me. It's pretty much the best product MS ever built, I think (and I've been around long enough to see quite a few of them). It's got extensions, plugins, auto-fillers, text-based configuration, built in terminal windows, what else could you ask for?.

Extensions: Prettier, ESLint, Wakatime, VSIcons.

Will keep on writing this!

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